Clover Leaf Inlet

Hello beautiful people,

We frequently receive concerns about the clover leaf inlet used in our cases,  suspecting that its low amps (2.5A, which is not true) are unable to deliver enough wattage for PSU.

Rest assure we are very careful with selecting parts. The aim is to create as much space as possible inside the case while at the same time provide enough power to drive the hardware.

We already have a customer installing RTX 3090 into his A4 V3 cases and did not report any issue, so it's safe to say our clover leaf inlet can handle the top class GPU on the market.

Here is the spec of our clover leaf inlet:

Temperature resistance: -25 - 125 degree Celsius

Dielectric withstand strength: AC 2500V / 5sec

Amps: 5A 250V

Inlet material: Copper nickel plated

UL 94 rating: V-0 (plastic burning stops within 10 seconds)

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ

One last thing to add: from November batch and onwards, we've added a sleeve for the 3 wires and protect the whole end of the IEC connector with shrink tube. 

Should you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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